I want to personally welcome you to this life transforming blogpage. It’s no news that finding what to do at every stage in life is challenging and life responds to those who have something presentable to life for response. I receive tonnes of questions from students about what to do after school? how to do it? and lots more—-. Do not be despair!
WhatNextMentors (WNMs) seeks to provide life changing coaches on writing techniques, time management,  goals planning, goal settings and accomplishment.  WNMs is a platform where you will be taken by hand on the journey to life transforming goals. You will be exposed to wealth of resources on academic and success mentoring via recurrent posts on important topics and also be able to have one-on-one chats with your mentors. WNMs aims to take you through progressive development in knowledge and attitudes as tools for accomplishment.
As part of this introductory page, I would like you  to enjoy this wonderful piece of information that has tremendously changed my life. It taught me how to focus on my goals and also take advantage of past successes. Click here to watch
An important section of this platform is to give you expository lessons on writing skills for effective communication. You will be able to grab the basic ingredients of excellent writing techniques to communicate your ideas and interests.
Keep track of this page as things unfold. Once again, I welcome you.
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